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Tangazo is a meeting place where we share ideas and explore efforts to improve our human conditions and quite simply make our lives better. All are welcome, none will be judged, but all are challenged to look beyond ourselves and our notions of how others think about issues of cultural​,​ political and social significance. We are building bridges of communication between the many groups that make up the St​. L​ouis Metropolitan Region by sharing and reflecting on the stories and lives of a diverse group of guests.

Host and Producer: Hank Thompson
Guest Hosts: Tim Person, Rev. Darryl Gray & Mike Jones
Technical Producers: Kevin Melter, Frankie Meixner, Ryan Voelkel, Jeron Wilson, Matt Patston, Jon Valley

Sep 20, 2023

Tonight’s episode of the Kdhx podcast Tangazo, looked at the UAW strike and it’s potential impact on future labor relations and workers in general. -----
We looked at the salary disparity,  between workers and executives and the impact of possibly having over 145 thousand auto workers on strike, could have on this...

Sep 1, 2023

Throughout my broadcast career, I’ve always sought to be objective wherever possible. ------

I do however draw the line when it comes to discussing racism, slavery, are the availability of assault weapons on our streets, in our urban communities. ------

Those are no brainers, there are no two reasonable sides...